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Thread: Satellite M40 - how do use the recovery cd

  1. Satellite M40 - how do use the recovery cd
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    May 2009
    I have a Toshiba laptop Satellite M40 using XP Home
    My anti virus picked a virus and delt with it.

    It told me to restart, which I did. When it started up it displayed winlogin.exe couldn't start because it is missing shell32.dll
    I clicked OK and it showed lsass.exe couldn't load up because it is missing shell32.dll
    I clicked OK and a message showed User interface failure login user interface dll. Msglna.dll failed to load. replace or restore original dll.

    I restart and it takes me back to winlogin.exe message.
    Normaly i would download these files and install them but i cant get the computer on at all.
    I can't get safe mode or safe mode with prompt and last known configuration didn't work.

    I do have a Toshiba restore disk but I don't want to do a full reformat and the other option on the disk says only use this if you know what you
    are doing with the files - and I don't.

    I did look at the options it had but it just didn't make sence and didn't want to make my situation worse.

    I hope someone can help.

    Many thanks sally

  2. Re: Satellite M40 - how do use the recovery cd
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    Dec 2008

    It sounds like that you have a strange virus on your notebook…

    But I don’t know why you don’t want to do a full reformat of the notebook. The point is that the Toshiba recovery disk contains an image of the factory settings. That means you can’t restore only some single files and you have to do a complete reinstallation of the OS. To be honest I think this is in any case the best solution because I think the virus can only be deleted if you format the HDD using Toshiba recovery disk.
    To use the recovery disk you must only boot from it and follow the screen instructions. It’s easy to use and takes only few minutes.

    If you want to backup some files before you start to reinstall Windows you can put the HDD in an external HDD case. Then you can backup your data from another computer. I did this and I had success with this and maybe you too. It’s worth a try.

    And let me give you a word of advice. After you have reinstalled Windows use a good antivirus program and keep it up to date. I have good experience AntiVir (Freeware) and Kaspersky. Furthermore enable the Windows firewall or you use another firewall. Don’t forget to install the newest Service Pack for your OS and enable automatic Windows update function. So you can get all updates timely.

    I hope I could help you and now you understand the case better.


  3. Re: Satellite M40 - how do use the recovery cd
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    May 2009

    oh I have firewalls, XP firewall, antiviurs and daily updates.
    I have also done full installs many times. But the reason I would like not to wipe it clean is that I have 3 very important emails arrive and was going to print them later that day when I had use of a printer as I couldn't afford to lose the details.

    I never got to print.
    If I have to lose them I will but if I can save it would be better.

    Thanks though for the help.

  4. Re: Satellite M40 - how do use the recovery cd
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    Jan 2006

    The Recovery disk will format the HDD… so if you would use the recovery disk you will lose all the data on the HDD… also the stored emails.
    But maybe the copies of emails which are stored local on the HDD are still on the server?
    In such case you could receive it again after the Windows OS has been reinstalled and configured.


  5. Re: Satellite M40 - how do use the recovery cd
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    Dec 2008
    As Chad said maybe the e-mails are still on the server or do you download the e-mails and save it only local? Normally the e-mails are on the server if you have an e-mail account on a Microsoft Exchange server or you use an IMAP account.

    If you have POP3-mail account and you use Outlook the e-mails are only on your computer but you can backup it. Put the HDD in an external HDD case and then it should be possible to back it up on another computer. You must search for a pst-file on the HDD. It should be stored in Documents and Settings\Username\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

    Good luck!

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