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Thread: Sound volume is not very loud on NB100

  1. Sound volume is not very loud on NB100
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    May 2009
    I have recently purchased a Notebook NB 100 and am well pleased with my choice but despite having the sound volume at maximum the playback volume is not very loud compared to that on my notebook from another manufacture purchased 4 years ago.

    Is that because the Notebook is a much smaller unit & cannot achieve the same volume ?.

  2. Re: Sound volume is not very loud on NB100

    You should not forget that the NB100 is a very small notebook and I think the speakers canít be as good as on another notebook, for example Qosmio.

    Anyway, for what application do you need a better sound? If you use Windows media player you should try another player like VLC media player. This player is freeware and can play the most video and audio files.
    Check this!


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