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Thread: Satellite Pro L300 - Keyboard and touchpad issues

  1. Satellite Pro L300 - Keyboard and touchpad issues
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    May 2009

    I have just baught my GF a refurbed Toshiba laptop for her 21st birthday from a reliable source, its a Satellite Pro L300.

    I started it up did all the setup stuff it told me to only to find that the touchpad and keyboard will not work AT ALL.
    The keyboard caps lock key doesn't even light up when I press it,
    I've downloaded all the latest drivers for EVERYTHING inc. the touchpad, this has made no difference,

    I'm running out of ideas fast and coming to terms with the fact that the keyboard and touchpad might be faulty and as a result ill have to give my GF a faulty laptop for hewr 21st, not happy :(

    Does any1 have any ideas?

    Thanks :)

    Edit: OK, very odd, right after i sent this message i tried the keyboard one more time and it works fine?
    Could it be something 2 do with the downloading of the VAP package?

    The touch pad is still knackered even when i try the fn + f9 combo?

    2nd Edit: Ok now the keyboard has stopped working again!


  2. Re: Satellite Pro L300 - Keyboard and touchpad issues

    Looks like a keyboard issue…. who knows why it doesn’t work… looks like something would be wrong…
    I recommend visiting your dealer and asking for replacement…
    Otherwise you could contact the ASP in your country for a fix…

    I think this is everything what you could do…

    Good luck

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