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Thread: Portege R600 Toshiba button (backlight, toshiba assist) don't work

  1. Portege R600 Toshiba button (backlight, toshiba assist) don't work
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    May 2009
    Hi everyone,

    I have problem with those two buttons on right top corrner on my toshiba r600, i just try everything and buttons not work.

    I associate buttons with valid exe files in toshiba assist/toshiba button support/ register with target paths but buttons still not work,
    also i check bios there are nothing that can enable/disable those buttons...etc...

    all other things installed successfully such as drivers, software everything that i donwload from toshiba support page.

    Any help???

    My windows version is windows server 2008 enterprise sp1 x64.


  2. Re: Portege R600 Toshiba button (backlight, toshiba assist) don't work
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    Jan 2006

    Did the buttons work with the previous OS preinstalled by Toshiba?

    I think the problem is the Windows Server 2008 enterprise sp1 x64…
    Possibly the Value Added Package does not support it fully…

    Of course the Windows Server 2008 OS is based on Vista but it’s not the same and I think this is the problem…

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