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Thread: How to increase Ram on Satellite L305d-S5934?

  1. How to increase Ram on Satellite L305d-S5934?
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    Apr 2009
    I need more ram than I thought. 3GB isn't enough. Any advice on what to do?

    I am running itunes/internet explorer and it got a little slow

  2. Re: How to increase Ram on Satellite L305d-S5934?
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    Jan 2006

    Hey buddy, 3GB RAM are more than enough if you are using common tools like itunes/internet explorer.

    Furthermore you should know that an 32bit OS, no matter if itís Vista or Win XP will recognize ONLY 3.2GB due to the 32bit OS limitation.

    I think a RAM upgrade to 4GB RAM is useful if you are using the Windows 64bit OS and if you are playing some high-performance gamesÖ

  3. Re: How to increase Ram on Satellite L305d-S5934?

    I think 3GB of RAM is really enough for iTunes and Internet.
    On my Satellite L300 I have only 2GB RAM and donít have performance issues if I surf in the Internet and listen music.

    You can increase the performance if you defragment your HDD from time to time, disable all startup programs in msconfig that you donít need, clean the registry using CCleaner and so far.
    If you search with Google for this you will find hundreds of workarounds to improve the Windows performance.


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