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Thread: Satellite L350-12N - Beeps when booting

  1. Satellite L350-12N - Beeps when booting
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    Apr 2009
    Hi there,

    I bought this as a reconditioned laptop, and I'm having trouble getting it to boot. When it's switched on, it shows the welcome to Toshiba screen where you can press function keys to enter the setup screens, then the screen goes black, makes a continuous beeping noise, and goes no further. It doesn't load the operating system.

    I've tried restoring the operating system from the hard drive as instructed in the manual, but the same fault remains. Is this a known indicator of a hardware or software fault?

    Any help or advice would be appreciated!

  2. Re: Satellite L350-12N - Beeps when booting
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    To be honest I still donít understand what you are doing exactly. Do you use F8 at start up to enter advanced boot options or what?

    Have you created recovery DVD as recommended by Toshiba reminder? If yes you can try to install OS again using this recovery media.

    Anyway, enter BIOS settings at start up and set it to default settings. Is HDD recognized properly in BIOS settings?

    At the end I must say it is not easy to say what is wrong there. Please check this several things and let us know if the HDD is recognized properly or what happen if you try to install OS using original recovery media.

  3. Re: Satellite L350-12N - Beeps when booting
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    Apr 2009

    If we just switch it on and leave it to it's own devices, it reaches the toshiba screen, then the screen goes black and it makes the loud beeping noise. It sounds like separate beeps back to back with no gaps. It doesn't load the operating system.

    We did manage to install the operating sytem by interrupting the normal boot sequence by pressing F8 and selecting Windows Vista. By doing this 2 or 3 times, Vista installed and launched as we would expect. At it's final restart during setup, it booted and launched without beeping.

    This morning, I switched it on, and it's beeping again! In an effort to stop the beeping, I pressed F8, and it took me to the logon screen! I entered my details, and it launched windows as you would expect. This surely is not normal!

    We seem to nave no option to enter the bios settings.

    We've restarted it once or twice since, and it's started up just fine, so it seems to be in intermittent fault.

    We haven't made a recovery disk yet, as last night we couldn't get that far! We used the HDD recovery.

    Is this looking like a hardware fault we need to get the vendor to sort? Are there any known reasons for this beep? It sounds like a warning beep.

    Thanks for your help!

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