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Thread: Memory upgrade on a Satellite A100-912

  1. Memory upgrade on a Satellite A100-912
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    I own a Satellite a100-912 and I want to upgrade its memory!
    As it seems, this model supports only PC2-4200 DDR2 SODIMM modules (533 Mhz). Before bying a memory module that might regret, I want to know if there will be any compatibility issues if I use to this laptop PC2-6400 DDR2 SODIMM module (800 Mhz).

    Is it going to work even at lower clock speed (533 Mhz) or is it going to be a total waste of money?

  2. Re: Memory upgrade on a Satellite A100-912
    As far as I know the FSB is able to handle 667Mhz modules.
    You can use lower modules (533Mhz) without any problems but modules with higher Mhz will not run with full speed due to the limited FSB.

    So I donít recommend buying 800Mhz modules. Firstly they are not supported and secondly itís waste of money!

  3. Re: Memory upgrade on a Satellite A100-912

    In your case I would buy modules with 667MHz. This is the maximum that your notebook can handle and 800MHz modules would not work or letís say only with 667MHz.

    I have good experience with Kingston RAM for notebooks. Maybe you can find compatible modules.


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