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Thread: Satellite A100-062 - Upgrade the HDD

  1. Satellite A100-062 - Upgrade the HDD
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    Mar 2009

    I am running out of memory on my A100-062 on the Vista (C) drive on my notebook (currently 62.6MB/37.1GB left!), however I have 32GB/35.9GB left on the Data (E) drive.

    Is it possible to move itunes and my music library onto the D drive where there is more room? Or should I look at upgrading the hdd (internally or externally)

    I am a complete novice when it comes to this so *_basic detailed explanations_* on what best to do would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Max1210

  2. Re: Satellite A100-062 - Upgrade the HDD
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    Dec 2008
    Before you buy a new HDD you should try to move the folder “My documents” on the second partition. Also the mp3 files that you have.
    I save my documents, photos, music and so far only on the second partition. On the first partition I install only the programs that I need.

    If you want a new HDD it’s your choice if you take an internal or external HDD. On the external HDD you can save your data.

  3. Re: Satellite A100-062 - Upgrade the HDD
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    Of course you can move your mp3 files on partition E. This second partition can be used for data storage. But be sure that application for listening music has the right location after removing.

    I can imagine there are many data that you don't use every day and you can also obtain external HDD to save data as music, movies or photos there. Small 2,5” external HDD can be connected easily using USB port and you have fast access to all data saved there.

    HDD upgrade is also possible. I don't know which capacity has the HDD now but I can imagine you use new HDD with 250 GB or more.

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