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Thread: Portege R400 - won't recognize 3g module?

  1. Portege R400 - won't recognize 3g module?
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    Please help: i got my new Toshiba Portege R400 (PPR40E-00T018G3). I knew that some of R400 has 3g module, but i couldn't know if my has one or not because there was nothing on box or case that will indicate it has or not (except that on Toshiba Edge display 3g icon is always with some triangle below? i presumed that it was because it has no SIM card...), but when i was upgrading memory, i noticed that underneath a keyboard (where is one memory slot) is also a SIM card reader, so i presumed that my R400 is equipped with 3g module (why would they put SIM card reader without 3g module????).

    I didn't see any device in device manager in windows, but i thought that when i put SIM card, it would install itself (i also didn't notice a bluetooth until i installed it later!), but when i put SIM card nothing happened - 3g indicator is still off, and i didn't get new devices in device manager. Of course, i installed all software that was on toshiba r400 drivers page: Wireless Mobile Broadband (Novatel), 3G RF Power Control Utility and MobiLink, but i got no indication that 3g module is found, and when i open Configfree, on dial-up/WWAN it states: not availible. Mobi Link states that there is no device. When i press fn+F8, i get only bluetooth and wifi icons, not 3g. OS is Vista Ultimate and Windows 7.

    My questions are:

    1. Is it possible that my R400 (PPR40E-00T018G3) does not have 3g module, even if it has SIM card reader?

    2. For those R400 users, did you have some indications that your 3g module exist (i.e. on devie manager etc.) before you put up SIM card? Or it was dead, and when you put SIM it installed himself.

    3. Which drivers did you use, and how do you control connecting options?

    Please, help with some info, i have read all posts on forum regarding R400 and 3g, but didn't found solutions. I saw that some users have their R400 3g modules working, and i'm asking them for help.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Re: Portege R400 - won't recognize 3g module?
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    >1. Is it possible that my R400 (PPR40E-00T018G3) does not have 3g module, even if it has SIM card reader?

    This is correct.
    Some R400 have been equipped with the 3G module and some donít support such module.
    Your R400 PPR40E-00T018G3 has not been equipped with the 3G module and therefore it cannot be recognized.


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