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Thread: Portege R500 overheating

  1. Portege R500 overheating
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    Feb 2009
    For the past 6 months (just out of warranty...) my R500 has been overheating after about an hour, which eventually results in it freezing. Once it's cooled down, OK for another hour etc. Can I rectify this, or is it simply a feature of very small laptops?

  2. Re: Portege R500 overheating
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    Sep 2005

    The high heat dissipation is always the biggest problem and hitch in the computer (PC & notebook) world.
    The smaller notebooks provides nearly the same high performance like desktop PC’s but have no wide and large area for necessary cooling modules… so a higher temperature would be always present and noticeable on small notebooks (no matter what manufacture it is).

    But despite this fact your Protégé should no not overheat!!!
    Therefore I think there is an issue with your notebook.

    I don’t know how you use the notebook but first of all you should ensure that the cooling modules are not clogged by dust and debris. In most cases the cooling module fans cannot rotate properly because of dust inside the notebook.
    The compressed air spray is a great tool to get the fans free of dust!

    Furthermore the cooling ventilators, grilles and the area around the notebook should be free to ensure good air circulation.

    In very rare cases it’s also advisable to renew the thermal grease which is placed between the CPU and cooling module.
    This should be done by an ASP technician.

    I think if you would follow these hints & tips then the notebook will not overheat.

    Bye mate and have a good weekend

  3. Re: Portege R500 overheating
    I have just returned my R500 to Toshiba for repair under warranty because of overheating and fan noise. Toshiba have replaced the cooling fan but they have refused (so far!) to repair additional damage caused by the overheating. The damage is considerable because they quoted me £650 to repair it (which I refused to pay).

    I believe that there is an issue with this computer's cooling fan - either a design fault or a manufacturing/quality problem. I suggest that you contact Toshiba to have your R500 repaired at Toshiba's expense.

  4. Re: Portege R500 overheating
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    Mar 2009
    I agree with Sueg

    the heat and noise produced by the R500 is rediculous!

    I have plenty of similar small computers and none of them produce this amount of heat and noise.

    My R500 hasn't shut itself down from the heat yet but it is certainly too hot to have on ones lap and it burns my hand if it strays over the lhs of the keyboard where the cooling fan exhausts the hot air.

    This is certainly a design fault on an otherwise excellent product.

    Does anyone know if there is the same problem with the new R600?



  5. Re: Portege R500 overheating
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    > I have plenty of similar small computers and none of them produce this amount of heat and noise.
    This says nothing!
    You cannot compare apples and oranges...

    The R500 is really powerful notebook.
    The R500-138 for example has been equipped with the CORE2 DUO U7700 (1.33GHZ) CPU and good graphic chip...
    Additionally this notebook supports many different features which are running in the background and need the CPU performance...
    This can increase the heat dissipation and therefore the cooling modules would run faster!

    But if you want you can adjust the cooling and CPU settings in Vista power options.
    For that I recommend checking this Toshiba FAQ +"how to handle power managment features of Windows Vista"+

    Here you should check espacialy the TOSHIBA Power Saver Settings -> Cooling Method

  6. Re: Portege R500 overheating
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    Nov 2009
    Hi all,
    I have suffered from this problem and spent some time to understand+fix it. It seems to me that the problem is due to a bad design in this otherwise excellent product. First, it is obvious that the overheating is from the CPU (it always is, but you can also check by touching the various components once the laptop is hot to the point of thrashing). To understand the design issue, remove the back-cover of the laptop. Then you will see the fan-heat-pipe-heatsink assembly for the CPU. The assembly is screwed down to the casing using two screws. Try t owiggle the heatsink fins with a pencil or something and you will immediately realize that it is quite loosely attached to the CPU. It is not screwed down or pressed down hard at all, as a result giving bad thermal contact with the CPU.

    My fix is to put some foam-tape (just three thin strips piled on top of each other) on top of the heatsink plate just above the CPU and the close the casing. Then the back cover of the laptop will press down on the heatsink plate to push it against the CPU. It seems to be enough -- for now at least. Other pro DIY-ers among you may come up with a better solution to push the plate down to the CPU (using screws or something).

    Cleaning the air-duct etc. will also help I am sure, but my ducts were pretty clean.

    Hope this helps!


  7. Re: Portege R500 overheating
    Hi uttiya

    Thanks for this short instruction and fix but in my opinion this workaround is probably not needed. The tape (which you are using) could melt causing damage to the notebook and CPU and this will cancel the warranty.
    So to be honest I would not recommend doing something like that…

    If something is wrong with the notebook or hardware then you should get in contact with a local ASP. The technician will fix everything.


  8. Re: Portege R500 overheating
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    Nov 2009
    another solution I have taken to using is sitting a freezer pack next to the air intake and leaving it there 'til it melts.

    I am on the second pack today but it has a noticable effect on performance. I may struggle the next time I am travelling but it is a good workaround for the time being : )

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