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Thread: Built in Webcam - Driver open fail

  1. Built in Webcam - Driver open fail
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    Jan 2009
    Iíve only had my Toshiba laptop since October and the built in webcam has been working fine until yesterday!

    When I click on it to turn it on it comes up with a message saying:
    ''Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer''

    I have tried restarting in many times but still the same message keeps coming up
    Can anyone help me please?!

  2. Re: Built in Webcam - Driver open fail
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    Dec 2008
    Here in the forum are already threads about this issue.
    An user named Akuma posted an interesting solution for this problem so try it. Maybe it will help you.

    By the way, which Toshiba notebook do you have?

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