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Thread: DVD drive failure at Satellite 2450-101

  1. DVD drive failure at Satellite 2450-101
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    Jan 2009
    Hi again guys...

    I have another problem with my old Toshiba Satellite 2450-101 laptop which I hope you can help me with.
    The original DVD-rom drive - a Teac DW-224E - went 'off the radar' a couple of times about a year ago and would only re-appear in My Computer after a re-boot but it would then quickly disappear again.

    It was puzzling as the drive was still listed in Device Manager as working properly.
    It would then take a full re-install to get it back again when the process would start all over again.

    Now during the boot up process a message appears at the top of the screen saying 'Eide error'..
    I bought a new brown-box replacement DVD-RW dual layer drive from PC World- a Sony IA2604H - and installed it but it is exactly the same but this time it is quoted in the Device Manager as a 'SCSI CD-rom device'....which it most certainly isn't.
    In both cases the Drives are completely dead and will not even eject the trays.
    Needless to say this is driving me nuts.

    Can you suggest anything?
    With Thanks again..

  2. Re: DVD drive failure at Satellite 2450-101
    Can you boot from bootable CD's?

    If yes, then try removing the upperfilters and lowerfilters:

    If you cannot boot from CD's, then either:

    1) The ODD connector or another component on the mainboard is faulty/loose.
    2) The original Teac ODD is faulty, and the new Sony is not compatible (has incorrect Master/Slave settings)

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