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Thread: Trend Micro Security firewall locks everything - Qosmio X305

  1. Trend Micro Security firewall locks everything - Qosmio X305
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    Jan 2009
    My qosmio x305 came with the trend micro security software.
    I hope I can ask about this here as I am from the US and not Europe.

    Please feel free to direct me if needed.
    Anyway, I have had my computer for a month with no problems at all.

    About two days ago, my firewall starting giving me problems.
    Whether it is on or off, I couldn't access my Steam video game account.
    It would not let me connect to their server even though I had internet connection.
    Now I can not even go to www.yahoo.com, which from my experience is a firewall problem.

    How do I go about fixing this? Thanks

  2. Re: Trend Micro Security firewall locks everything - Qosmio X305

    Of course you can post here in our “small” Toshiba European forum even you are from US.

    But the point is that your issue has nothing to do with Toshiba but with your 3rd party software: Trend Micro Security firewall

    I doubt that there are many users who would be able to help you but I recommend searching and contacting the guys from Trend Micro support:

    Check this

    I think you will find some useful hints and tips.


  3. Re: Trend Micro Security firewall locks everything - Qosmio X305
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    Dec 2008
    I agree with Eldorado, contact the Trend Micro support.

    I don’t have many experience with Trend Micro but for years I use always Kapsersky security suite.
    I never had problems with viruses or something else. Kaspersky don’t need much system performance and you will get really fast updates if there are new viruses.

    However, if you search a new one, test Kaspersky. There is a 30 day trial version.

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