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Thread: Keyboard writes wired things after virus

  1. Keyboard writes wired things after virus
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    Dec 2008
    Some of the letters donít work on my keyboard. I had a virus a while ago but I deleted it, or so I thought.

    I have run several security scans and no virus is showing but I am left with a keyboard that does weird stuff. The letter 'i' does this the letter 'k' logs me off the comma does something else weird and the arrow buttons bring up search boxes. I can use the letters i and k if I press the F2 at the same time.

    This is driving me mad. I donít know why it is happening or how to put it right.

    Can somebody please help me?

  2. Re: Keyboard writes wired things after virus
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    Dec 2008

    Are you sure, that you deleted the virus?

    For a long time I had a virus too. I thought it was deleted by security software but it was still on the notebook. It was not the same issue (I had a slow internet connection).
    I tried everything and in the safe mode too but I couldnít delete the virus.

    The solution was I had to reinstall Windows and formatted the HDD.

    When you have a Toshiba recovery disk, reinstall Windows. It takes only several minutes and all drivers and tools will be installed too.
    But backup your data first, the HDD will be formatted.

    Give me reason what happened.


  3. Re: Keyboard writes wired things after virus
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    Dec 2008
    My laptop is old and was given to me so i do not have a Toshiba recovery disc.

    As i am not familiar with fixing computers how would i go about reinstalling Windows etc as you suggested? Please tell me in language you would use for a 5 years old so i can understand what you mean!

    Many thanks.

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