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Thread: Satellite Pro A200 does not start up

  1. Satellite Pro A200 does not start up
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    Dec 2008

    I have an A200 with XP PRO installed.
    After a routine defrag and restart the laptop when booting back up gets to my screensaver page then makes the noise off shutting back down.

    No toolbar appears just goes straight tomy log in page and i have to shut it down?

    When I try to restart in any of the three safe modes, again I get to the log in stage press enter the screen flickers twice and I get the login page again?
    I have taken out the Ram stick and HDD to see if anything is amiss but they both seem fine..

    Xmas eve and no laptop. Yeah I know. Get a life.
    Can anybody help?

  2. Re: Satellite Pro A200 does not start up
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    Dec 2004
    If you cannot even start your notebook in safe mode it is very bad situation.
    What you can try is to obtain Microsoft installations CD and try to boot up with it and use REPAIR option.

    If this will not help I really don't know what you can do aside from clean OS installation with recovery media.
    Do you have some important data on the HDD?

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