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Thread: Satellite U400 - webcam driver open fail

  1. Satellite U400 - webcam driver open fail
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    Dec 2008
    Sorry! But what going on?
    I had reinstall this drivers of webcam. But problem is the same.

    Skype is not working!!!

  2. Re: Satellite U400 - webcam driver open fail
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    Can you start and use cam in “Camera Assist Software”?

  3. Re: Satellite U400 - webcam driver open fail
    Hi guys

    First of all please ensure that you are using the latest BIOS version.
    If not, update it.

    Furthermore access the BIOS settings and set it back to the default pressing the F9 button.
    Don’t forget to save the changes if you would leave the BIOS.

    Additionally and webcam driver update would be advisable too…

    Someone has posted this solution:
    +Shut down your computer and restart it, go to the boot screen should be F2 or F12, There is an option at the bottom of the screen that says something like load defaults or just defaults F9 on my system, Click yes to reloading defaults and save and exit, the camera should work fine after that.+

    PS: Please report if this procedure has helped!!!

  4. Re: Satellite U400 - webcam driver open fail
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    Apr 2009
    jack black, you are a genius!!

    I have had no sound on my Satellite U300 with Vista 32 for nearly a year now and I have spent countless hours searching for a solution.
    My problem was as follows:

    1. no sound
    2. speaker with red cross in the system tray and "No audio output device is installed" when placing the mouse over the speaker icon
    3. sound card was not listed in the device manager at all and there was no category for Sound, video and game controllers listed either
    4. whenever i turned on the PC a window would pop up "Webcam driver open failed. Try restarting...." (something similar to this) and the webcam did not work.

    T tried all of the following:
    1. updating realtek drivers - several versions from the toshiba australia site (i am in australia)
    2. clean install of Windows Vista several times
    3. unistalling and reinstalling realtek drivers using the add hardware function in control panel and then through the device manager
    4. unistalling and reinstalling realtek drivers from the realtek site
    5. uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers for the webcam
    6. unistalling and reinstalling the camera software assistant.

    None of these did anything at all.

    Just now i read this thread and I rebooted, pressed F2 to enter the sysem startup utility (BIOS), pressed F9 - Load Default Settings, pressed F10 to save settings and exit, hit Yes to save settings and exit.

    The PC rebooted and the sound worked and the webcam worked. Two birds with one stone.

    I can't thank you enough. You've made my week.

    Anyone else out there who has this problem - TRY THIS NOW. IT WORKS. and I don't think it is specific to Toshiba machines either. I've read a lot of forums about this problem and it seems to be affecting all manufactures and both Vista and XP.

    To help people find this thread:
    no audio output device is installed
    no sound
    audio driver not working
    no audio driver

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