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Thread: Satellite R20 DVD-Recorder problem (firmware needed)

  1. Satellite R20 DVD-Recorder problem (firmware needed)
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    Dec 2008
    in my Toshiba Satellite R20 (tablet) DVD Recorder (Pioneer) was accidentally flashed with the incorrect firmware by the previous user (I work in the company and this Tablet came to me aleady as used one).
    Now when powering on, CD-ROM ERROR appears for a while, then Window boots normally from HDD. In Windows, I can't see the optical drive - first I have to suspend system, and then, after wake up, the DVD Drive is recognised and installed but works only in PIO mode. I have seen that the model number displayed is incorrect (DVR-K16 and should be DVR-K16TBR as it is desrcibed on the drive).
    Is there any possibility to obtain the original firmware and to reflash the drive by myself?


    T. Trojan

  2. Re: Satellite R20 DVD-Recorder problem (firmware needed)
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    Dec 2008

    You canít reflash the drive by yourself, this can only an ASP (authorized service provider) but Iím not sure, if this possible.

    The best way is you contact an ASP and ask them. Here you can search for one:
    http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com => Support & Downloads => Find an ASP

    In the worst case the drive must be replaced.

    Tell me what happened, Iím interested in.


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