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Thread: Satellite A300-V01 - webcam won't work with msn

  1. Satellite A300-V01 - webcam won't work with msn
    hi all

    i was just wondering if there was some one out there who could help me...

    i recently bought a A300/V01 and am trying to use the web camm for it, but when ever i open it on its own (not with msn or any other programs) it freezes and wont work, and when i try to send my web cam on msn it tells me that there was no web cam connected.
    i pretty computer illiterate so iv tried to fix it myself but depressingly failed.

    so if there is some one out there that knows how to fix this that would be awesome if you could help...

    thank you xoxo

  2. Re: Satellite A300-V01 - webcam won't work with msn
    Go to the Toshiba website and update the Camera/Webcam driver.

    Also try closing/exiting the Camera Assist software.

    You should also install Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1), if its not installed.

    And ensure MSN Messenger is updated to the latest version.

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