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Thread: Tecra 9100 - help choosing RAM

  1. Tecra 9100 - help choosing RAM
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    This relates to earlier thread which for some reason got locked and marked 'assumed answered', when in fact it wasn't.

    Eldorado pointed me to Markus77's answer. Thanks, but neither Markus77 or Eldorado state that they have tried the modules listed there and actually got them to work in a Tecra 9100. The link in Markus77's answer only points to one of many similar supplier sites I have seen, which say that 2x512MB modules are supported. The point is, Lewislite had tried about 5 different brands/replacements, and none of them were any use, they either slowed his system down or it failed to boot at all.

    I was asking, since I would like to upgrade my current 512MB too, whether anyone had actually managed it successfully on a Tecra 9100, or whether this was one of those few cases of a model with a motherboard cache which is insufficient to support more than the manufacturer's stated limit, which for the 9100 is said by Toshiba to be 512MB. Perhaps because most laptops will accept 2x512MB, suppliers simply assume the 9100 will do so too and so offer them to anyone willing to buy them. But has anyone actually done it and got it to work?

    The fact that Toshiba make 512MB modules is not in itself an answer, because these could be intended for other models. The facts remain that Toshiba themselves say the maximum for the 9100 is 512MB, and Lewislite tried 5 different modules in an attempt to exceed this and found that none of them would.

    So, has anyone actually managed to make a Tecra 9100 work better with more than 512MB or have the memory suppliers got it wrong for this model?

  2. Re: Tecra 9100 - help choosing RAM
    Had a look at the Tecra 9100 Detailed Specs here: http://www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-bin/tais/support/jsp/home.jsp?nav=Download

    It shows that Kingston 512MB KTT3614/512 RAM is compatible. I'm assuming you can run 2x 512MB Modules.

    Make sure you use DDR PC2100 memory. PC2700 should work but there may be a compatibility issue.

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