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Thread: How to wipe my computer without recovery DVD?

  1. How to wipe my computer without recovery DVD?
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    Nov 2008
    I want to wipe my computer because I can’t figure out what is wrong with it and why it won’t connect to my hotel's wireless internet.

    I am on my other laptop right now and it connects just fine to the hotel's internet. I have never wiped a computer out with Vista and I have tried system restore like 50 times but it won’t do a full restore. I am 6 hours away from home and my recovery discs are there.

    Does anyone have an idea what I can do or is there another way to wipe my computer without the discs? I’m not sure when I am going home and I really need my Toshiba to work.


  2. Re: How to wipe my computer without recovery DVD?
    Hello Nikki

    Can you please tell me which Toshiba notebook model do you have?

    Anyway, you cannot have “factory settings” again without recovery DVD. What you can do is to install operating system using original Microsoft installations CD/DVD and later install all drivers, tools and utilities additionally but it can be complicated if you don't have experience with it.

    Maybe you should explain to us what your problem is exactly.

    I cannot imagine there is some big problem with WLAN. If the WLAN card is listed and installed properly (check it in device manager) all you must do is to enable WLAN card properly. At first enable WLAN switch – the WLAN LED must be ON. Then use FN+F8 key combination and enable WLAN card.

    If there is everything OK you should be able to connect to the WLAN. The principle is the same as in WXP. Click on START > “Connect to” and be sure your favourite WLAN is listed there.

  3. Re: How to wipe my computer without recovery DVD?
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    I don't know what is the problem with the WLAN but, as Feliks already wrote, maybe is there just problem with WLAN settings.
    Please be sure the WLAN card is enabled properly and compare the WLAN settings on both notebooks. They should be identical.

  4. Re: How to wipe my computer without recovery DVD?
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    Oct 2008
    Do i understand correctly "wipe out" - you want to delete everything on the hard disks?

    If you want to wipe the disks - download a linux boot cd (e.g. from opnesuse.org) and wipe the disks by typing "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda", this will write Zeros in every sector of your hard disk.

    Or do you want to have a fresh and clean installation of your installation system?

  5. Re: How to wipe my computer without recovery DVD?
    When you say "Wipe", I assume you mean you want to restore Windows back to its factory state.

    "wiping" the HDD means deleting everything on the HDD. If you do this, Windows wont boot and you will see an error saying there is "No Operating System".

    If the Recovery process fails when you hold down the Zero key on power-up, then your only option is to run Recovery using your Recovery Disc.

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