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Thread: Satellite A100-847 - upgrade advice

  1. Satellite A100-847 - upgrade advice
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    Oct 2008

    I'm using Satellite A100-847 (PSAA9E) for almost two years now. 2 year warranty period be over in month, so I guees it is good time for an upgrade. I could use more RAM and a faster HDD (for CAD purposes mostly when I'm on the run) so I would like to know more about it.

    *What I already found out is that my notebook:*
    (please say if I'm wrong with something)

    1) ...Can take 2 modules of So-DIMM DDR2; max 4GB; which means 2X2GB. I already have 2X512GB, and this is not enough.
    - The question is which DDR2 memory!? The FSB is running on 667 MHz, so I guess I should buy PC-5300/667 or even 6400/800?
    - Which is the best memory for my notebook? The one which doesn't heat up a lot!? Which model is cool enough?

    2) ...Has a Hitachi Travelstar 5K100, 2.5", 5400RPM, 8MB cache, 100GB SATA drive. Capacity is enough for me, but it is way too slow. So I guess I should for a 7200RPM 16MB cache drive.
    - The question here is does my notebook support SATA2 or is it just SATA1? Which shlould I buy?
    - Does my notebook support 7200RPM drive?
    - Will my notebook overheat with this drive?

    3) ...Could have a more efficient cooling system. Is there any solution to this?

    Thank you in advance,

  2. Re: Satellite A100-847 - upgrade advice
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    Googling around Iíve found follow information:

    The computer has two SO DIMMs slot comes standard with DDRII 4200 module. It
    supports PC2-4200 and uses SO DIMMs (DDRII SDRAM) driven at 1.8 V, accepting
    BTO/CTO for your memory requirements. It can incorporate up to 4 GB of main
    Using the following sizes of memory modules:
    256 MB (16M◊16◊8P)/533/667 MHZ
    512 MB (32M◊16◊8P)/533/667 MHZ
    1024 MB (64Mx16x8P)/533/667 MHZ

    If you want to use maximum RAM you must use two 2 GB. Toshiba recommends using
    2 x 2 GB PA3513U-1M2G DDR2 RAM. Alternative to this RAM module are high quality Kingston memory modules.

    About HDD I can say follow:
    The HDD interface conforming to Serial ATA (for 40/60/80/100/120 GB).
    The computer accommodates one 2.5-inch HDD with any of the following storage capacities:
    40 GB (9.5 mm thick) SATA (5,400rpm)
    60 GB (9.5 mm thick) SATA (5,400rpm/7200rpm)
    80 GB (9.5 mm thick) SATA (5,400rpm/7200rpm)
    100 GB (9.5 mm thick) SATA (5,400rpm/7200rpm)
    120 GB (9.5 mm thick) SATA (5400rpm)

    As far as I know SATA2 is backward compatible and theoretically you can use it but I am not sure about that. If I were you I would by SATA1 HDD.
    As you can see Toshiba has tested 7200rpm HDDs with this notebook model and you can use it too.
    Overheat maybe not but I can imagine that plastic cover will be warmer than before. Be just sure the notebook is placed properly and nothing blocks cooling fan.

    More efficient cooling system? I donít know what you mean exactly butt you can try something like this .

  3. Re: Satellite A100-847 - upgrade advice
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    Oct 2008
    Thank you for your help.
    I'll take 2X2GB Kingston.

    But I still have some unclear things. You say that A100-847 supports PC-4200@533!? Since I know it is backward compatible, does that mean that my laptop would not use all potential of PC-5300@667!? FSP on my laptop is 667MHz. Doesn't it mean that it can use full potetntial of 667?

    And considering HDDs; would this one work: HDD Mobile SEAGATE Momentus 7200.2 (2.5",160GB,8MB,SATA II-300)!?

    When I said more efficient; I was thinking of a more powerful (and more windy) ventilator or maybe a whole internal cooling system. Those expensive pads with vents don't seem to be very efficient. I already made myself a home laptop cooler with a wide hose attached beneath the air intake on my notebook and a strong external vent. It works great, the only problem is that it isn't transportable. :)

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