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Thread: A30-203 hibernates then doesn't 'wake up!'

  1. A30-203 hibernates then doesn't 'wake up!'
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    Have owned my A30-203 for 18 months without a problem - last night I shut the lid and left it in hibernate mode as I often do. Came back about 2 hours later - lifted lid - nothing. It usually wakes up and waits for a mouse click to continue. Wouldn't respond to ctrl-alt-del or any key strokes. Power button didn't do anything either. Had to disconnect mains and battery. Restored power and pressed power button - machine returned to the post-hibernation point! Machine has also locked up - ignoring all keystrokes/mouse clicks. Tried deleting 'hiberfil.dat' file from system files in case this was corrupt - didn't work. Problem remains. Have disabled hibernation function now. Machine has locked up since. Have also noticed that the cooling fans seem to stay on longer (and louder) than previously. Laptop is still covered by Dixons Coverplan warranty - but not sure if the topics I've mentioned are covered. Help!

  2. Re: A30-203 hibernates then doesn't 'wake up!'
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    Hi adixon

    I don’t know how often you use hibernation mode but my experience is that if you use hibernation mode constantly it can happen that the notebook is a little bit “confused”. I use hibernation mode in my office after work but once in a while it is recommendable to make a restart or switch the notebook off.

    I am pretty sure that there is no any kind of hardware malfunction. I will not force you to make this but I am also sure that reinstallation of OS with Recovery CD can solve your problem. Before you take it to the service partner try to reinstall the notebook alone.

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