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Thread: Satellite A10 BIOS Upgrade Needed!

  1. Satellite A10 BIOS Upgrade Needed!
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    Apr 2005
    Hey guys, My Satellite A10 keeps rebooting everytime i shut it down. I spoke to my friend and he said its a BIOS Problem, and i should upgrade it. So I downloaded the latest version from Toshiba and run it. It told me to insert a Floppy Disk. This would be no probelm however my A10 dont have a floppy disk drive so how am i ment to upgrade the BIOS on my computer without a floppy drive?

  2. Re: Satellite A10 BIOS Upgrade Needed!
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    For your notebook model there is just traditional BIOS update possible and you need a USB FDD to do this. In my opinion you can check on ebay or somewhere is there some cheap FDD or you can contact service partner.

    You need about 10 minutes for BIOS update and you can do it alone. It is very easy. Like I said, check if you can find a used FDD. It can not be expensive.

    Also you can borrow one at your dealer or company!

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