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Thread: Re: Toshiba Satellite A100-332 Recovery Question

  1. Toshiba Satellite A100-332 Recovery Question
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    Sep 2008
    I am wanting to format and reinstall windows back to its factory state as its running really slow. I dont recall on having a recovery cd on buying and was told i just need to push an F key on boot up as recovery files are on hard drive. Is this correct?

  2. Re: Toshiba Satellite A100-332 Recovery Question
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    No this is not correct. On this older notebook model Toshiba didnít offered HDD recovery image. Recovery image is saved on DVD media. When you want to install recovery image using DVD recovery media you can use F button at the startup.

    To install HDD recovery (if saved on HDD) there is another way to do this.
    So what you can do is to order original recovery media or install operating system using Microsoft installations CD/DVD.

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