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Thread: Satellite P10-792 Drivers OR Recovery Disc

  1. Satellite P10-792 Drivers OR Recovery Disc
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    Sep 2008
    I bought a Toshiba Laptop from the United Arab Emirates, Model *Satellite P10-792* in 2004 and had no problems with it until I decided to format it in Turkey/Istanbul where I am living now. I format it and now the TOSHIBA distrubutor in Turkey cant even find the *drivers or the recovery disc* for me because they say its a way too old model!!! Why sell something if you will execute it in 5 years??? I had no problems with the laptop my only mistake was to format it thinking it would do my computer good!

    I desperately *need help from anyone who can help me find the drivers download OR recovery disc* for this model of laptop SATELLITE P10-792. Please help me. I dont want to throw my computer in the garbage, it has been with me since 2004 and I knew it would last me another 5 years if I hadnt wanted to format it :(

    Thank you in advance for all responses.

  2. Re: Satellite P10-792 Drivers OR Recovery Disc
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    Feb 2005

    I do not understand why you are so upset. Visit Toshiba download page and download all drivers for WXP. If I am remembering well this notebook model is listed under option ARCHIVE (Product type).

    Check it out.

  3. Re: Satellite P10-792 Drivers OR Recovery Disc
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    Dec 2004
    Satellite p10 is very nice notebook with very nice design. I have had Satellite P20 and it is also great machine.
    So if you need drivers or any Toshiba tool or utility you can find it on Toshiba support page. Mores is right. All stuff for old notebook models can be found in archive.

    If you have more questions please post again.

    Good luck!

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