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Thread: Satellite Pro A100-244 PSAAC - RAM Upgrade Question

  1. Satellite Pro A100-244 PSAAC - RAM Upgrade Question
    Hello everybody,

    I have Satellite Pro A100-244 (PSAAC) comes with standard RAM "512 (533MHz)" and i have replaced it with 1GB (533MHz)

    And now I want to add 2GB RAM in the other slot but i could not find RAM 2GB with bus (533MHz), I can find only RAMs with (667MHz)

    I just want to know if it's okay to add these two RAMS together with these different bus "1GB (533MHz) with 2GB (667MHz)"

    Please let me know if there any danger or any problem could cause or if the computer would decrease the performance

    Looking forward to your help

    Best regards,

  2. Re: Satellite Pro A100-244 PSAAC - RAM Upgrade Question
    667MHz *should* work at 533MHz, but its not guaranteed to work, you will need to test it before purchasing the memory.

    Usually memory has an SPD table that tells the BIOS what timings to use at various speeds, but even if the SPD has a 533MHz in the table, there may still be a compatibility issue.

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