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Thread: What does the recovery CD contain - Satellite A100-847

  1. What does the recovery CD contain - Satellite A100-847
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    Hello guys

    I had a few questions about the recovery CD:

    1- What does the recovery CD contain? and the other CD which is called Media something?

    2- Does it have Windows in it? So I can format my PC using it? And from where can i find the product key (windows key)

    3- What if i wanted to use the CD without formatting? etc. installing the softwares?

    Sorry for asking too much but my laptop started disturbing me. Just for knowledge my Laptop is satellite A100-847

  2. Re: What does the recovery CD contain - Satellite A100-847
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    I will try to answer your question.

    1 – Recovery media contains recovery image. Recovery image is a kind of package that contains operating system, all necessary drivers, Toshiba tools and utilities and some additional software like WinDVD or Norton antivir application. “Media something…” is not known to me. Maybe exact description can help.

    2 – Yes it has Windows OS. Yes you can format your notebook using it. You do not need product key. Just install it.

    3 – I do not know what you mean. The fact is that HDD will be formatted before you start recovery installation. Be sure all your important data are saved on some external device.


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