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Thread: Has anybody explanation about ERROR: F3-F000-0008?

  1. Has anybody explanation about ERROR: F3-F000-0008?
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    Aug 2008
    Back in November a man posted that he had to use his recovery disk which resulted in the following experience:

    "Straight afterwards, I ran the recovery disk in what I think is called the boot menu? Anyway, after a couple of minutes I kept getting an error message that has something to do with "Preinst.swm file". After a few times of clicking "continue" and seeing this same error message, clicking "skip", and running the 2nd DVD, an error message shows "Error: F3-F000-0008".

    Now I'm assuming that the preinst.swm error message is due to probably a scratch in the recovery disk, or some fault in the DVDs that I used and not with the actual laptop itself. I just need confirmation from you guys about this."

    The posted result was essentially - who knows, good luck.

    I am receiving the same error, worked with tech support via phone for 2 hours and was left with - who knows, good luck.

    Please help!!!

  2. Re: Has anybody explanation about ERROR: F3-F000-0008?
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    Aug 2008

    It sounds like an error with the disks. Sometimes they may be unbalanced in the disk drive, or they can be damaged in some way.

    See if you can use other bootable disks to test this, if they work you may have to contact Toshiba to get some new disks.

    Hope this helps. :)

  3. Re: Has anybody explanation about ERROR: F3-F000-0008?
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    Bad memory could cause errors like this. Did you install extra RAM? Run Memtest from www.memtest.org to check for errors. A faulty HDD could also cause a recovery error.

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