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Thread: Satellite A300-1FC - Recovery of Vista without preinstalled software

  1. Satellite A300-1FC - Recovery of Vista without preinstalled software
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    Aug 2008
    Hi there

    I bought myself a A300-1FC at the german Saturn sotres chain.
    It is a nice notebook so far the only thing that annoys me is the pile of preinstalled software which is of no use for me at all.

    Is there any way of recovering the plain windows only and then installing all required drivers
    and service packs manually. Or at least a way that leaves all the useless software aside?

    If not I am quite keen on downgrading - I don't like vista particulary much anyway but combined
    with the annoyment of the preinstalled software it is certainly enough reason do get rid of it.

    Any help?



  2. Re: Satellite A300-1FC - Recovery of Vista without preinstalled software
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    Dec 2004

    As you can see Toshiba, like all other notebook manufacturers, offers Recovery image. This recovery image contains all necessary drivers, Toshiba designed tools and utilities and also some additional software.

    You must understand that maybe 10% people have good PC knowledge and they are able to configure notebook alone. I am happy that you are one of them but you must know that recovery image is designed for easy and not complicated OS installation. There is no possibility to install “clean” Vista using this recovery media.

    Other way nobody force you to use all of them. All useless stuff you can remove from the system. Believe me I do the same thing. You can optimize OS on your needs.

    Bye and good luck!

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