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Thread: Boot from usb pendrive on Qosmio G20

  1. Boot from usb pendrive on Qosmio G20
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    Aug 2008
    Hi, my name is Gregorio, I have a toshiba qosmio G20, and I wish to know how to boot via pendrive usb which I have installed a linux operating system, but I cannot be able to execute it. Im trying to do this, because I dont know how to create a partition in a raid system, and install linux in that partition, so my alternative is a live pendrive. thank you.

  2. Re: Boot from usb pendrive
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    Jul 2008
    Dear, I don't think your G20 is able to boot from an USB device. This kind of boot is supported by G40/45 G50/55 qosmio models.
    As you can see when turn on your qosmio you'll see one or 2 HDD, a floppy a cd/dvd drive and LAN. In the latest model of qosmio you can see also an USB pendrive ...so I think that you have to build another partition on your HDD.
    Sorry for my English (I know just a bit) !!
    all the best

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