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Thread: Satellite L300: How to restore Vista

  1. Satellite L300: How to restore Vista
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    Aug 2008

    i have a Toshiba L300-180 with Vista Basic. For some reason i cannot access my Windows. So want to make a recovery. Wehn i switch on the computer and press F8 and choose repair it only
    shows the the boot options normal or save mode no repair options at all. How can this be and how can i recover a fully working windows?

  2. Re: Satellite L300: How to restore Vista
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    Jun 2008
    You will need to use your recovery discs. Those can be created after you have started Vista and using the backup creator, when you don't have any recovery discs. If you have not done this, you might ask local ASP to order those recovery media for you, as I'm not quite sure if your model already support recovery from HDD.

    Perhaps you can try to start Vista in safe mode and try to make some recovery discs.

  3. Re: Satellite L300: How to restore Vista
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    Aug 2008
    Can´t start Windows at all. In safe mode it says "error during installation" please start gain.

  4. Re: Satellite L300: How to restore Vista
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    The L300 supports an HDD Recovery option.
    You have to start the notebook then press F8 and have to choose the option called “Repair your Computer”

    This should start the recovery again.
    If something will go wrong during the recovery or if the recovery would hang then press ESC button to break up the procedure and then choose “Repair” to follow with the installation.

    Usually this should helps. If not then I assume that there is something wrong with the recovery partition.
    In such case you will have to order the Recovery DVD from Toshiba.

    For this check this page:


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