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Thread: Tecra 8200 wireless question

  1. Tecra 8200 wireless question
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    Jul 2008
    Okay this is probably a stupid question but I have a Tecra 8200 .
    Do I have to buy something else for the wireless connection to work?

  2. Re: Tecra 8200 wireless question
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    Jan 2006

    This question is not stupid ;) because the Tecra 8200 was equipped optional with the internal minPCI WLan card. This could be a little bit confusing.
    So in some Tecra 8200 units the WLan is already included and in some Tecra’s the minPCI WLan card must be installed firstly to use the WLan technology.

    You should check your device manager if an WLan module is listed in “Network adepter”
    If it’s already listed then you don’t need an additional WLan card.
    If it’s not listed, then you will have to upgrade the machine with the minPCI WLan card or with a USB WLan stick.

    As far as I know the PA3070U-1MPC Wireless LAN mini-PCI card coudl be compatible with your notebook.

  3. Re: Tecra 8200 wireless question
    Just to add to Jayjay's wise words: The Tecra 8200 built-in WiFi is supported by the original Toshiba Windows 2000 recovery image.

    If you are running Windows XP or using a 'vanilla' version of Windows 2000, then you will need to download the correct drivers from Toshiba web site (just follow the 'Download Files' link and select your laptop model and operating system.

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