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Thread: Satellite L20-182: Recovery

  1. Satellite L20-182: Recovery
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    Jun 2008

    I've been asked to recover a L20-182 from an agonal state after maybe 2 or more years of usage by my girlfriend and need to get the recovery data. What i mean is all the drivers and stuff I need to install after formatting the hdd and setting up the OS.

    My computer has a recovery function that restores it to factory settings within minutes using data from a hidden partition. Is this possible with Toshiba L20-182?
    If yes, how?
    If not, where can I get all the data if the backup hasn't been made or was lost or used as a make-up stuff holder or whatever?

    Thanks a lot in advance ;]

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  2. Re: Satellite L20-182: Recovery
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    Jun 2008
    Recovery CD should have been included. A HDD recovery method is, as far as I know, not possible.
    If you don't have it anymore, you could try and contact local ASP or order backup media directly by following this link:


  3. Re: Satellite L20-182: Recovery
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    Older notebooks series were equipped with the Recovery CD. The new notebook generation supports the HDD recovery. This means that the image is stored on the HDD and you can restore it without the Recovery CD. But there is also an possibility to burn the Recovery image on the DVD.

    However, you can also install your own Windows XP and then you could download and install also the Toshiba drivers.
    Finally you could use an 3rd party software, for example Norton Ghost, to create a own image file or CD.

    But the other user is right… the Recovery CD can be ordered on the Toshiba website as mentioned above.

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