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Thread: Tecra 8200 Identity?

  1. Tecra 8200 Identity?
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    May 2008
    I want to update this NB as I have only just got it second hand. Info on the label doesn't seem to correspond to what Tosh. are asking me. Model Number: PT8200E-05WQP-GR. P3 750Mhz. I dont know whether it is a A2 A3 A8 etc etc. Ta.

  2. Re: Tecra 8200 Identity?
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    The reason why you cannot find your machine is because you´re searching in the wrong section.
    Your machine is a little bit older and doesn´t belongs to the new generation of toshiba notebooks. To find the drivers and the BIOS update, you will have to choose Archive in the Drivers Download section.

    Here´s some short description to find your machine in the drivers section:

    Go to the Drivers Download section and choose:
    "Product type" -> Archive
    "Family" -> Tecra-Archive
    "Product series" -> Tecra 8xxx
    "Model" -> Tecra 8200
    "Short model number" -> PT820E

    Afterwards choose the operating system where you need drivers. The BIOS update is included in the driver list.


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