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Thread: Upgrade memory for Satellite A100-02M

  1. Upgrade memory for Satellite A100-02M
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    May 2008
    My laptop has the original 1GB memory and I want to upgrade it to 2 GB.

    I have identified the 2 x 1GB Memory PC2 DDR2 (667MHz) modules that I need but am confused whether I should choose module type PA3512U-1M1G or PA3512S-1M1G.

    Both of these parts are available as Toshiba parts,, but Kingston only lists PA3512U-1M1G as correct for my laptop (A100-02M).
    Are both parts compatible with the laptop and is one better than the other ?

    The Toshiba price of the "U" part is listed 14.20 and the "S "part at 16.54 each.

    TIA for info.

  2. Re: Upgrade memory for Satellite A100-02M
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    Dec 2004
    I presume Toshiba has better info about compatibility and according the notebook specification you can use both of them. Now it is your choice.

    Kingston is also good place to buy RAMs. They offer always high quality products.

  3. Re: Upgrade memory for Satellite A100-02M
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    I absolutely agree with Ivan, just buy some modules which are able to do a frequency of 667Mhz and try to use kingston or OCZ, so you cannot make a fault when buying from these brands.

    Otherwise just dont care why this modules are cheaper then this modules or whatever...maybe its just a different memory chip.


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