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Thread: Upgrade CPU for Satellite A100-683

  1. Upgrade CPU for Satellite A100-683
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    May 2008
    What CPU can be used to upgrade the Satellite A100-683. Currently the Intel Core Duo T2250 has been installed.

    I would like to upgrade my CPU and memory.;

    (1) What is the maximum CPU that is supported by the mainboard?
    (2) What kind of CPU kan I use. Thinking about a Intel Core Due T7200 or T7600?
    (3) What kind of memory can I use to upgrade to 4Gb?

    Looking forward to any reply thagt is usefull!

  2. Re: Upgrade CPU for Satellite A100-683
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    Mar 2007

    I think since your machine is not anymore in warranty, you won´t get any problems or a revocation of some kind of warranty when opening your machine and doing some techie-like work on it. :)

    1. It should be the Core2Duo T7600
    2. Use the T7600
    3. 2GB+2GB? ;) T
    Seriously: Try to use DDR2 with a FSB frequency of 667Mhz.

    Thats all, still some questions?


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