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Thread: Satellite A100-192 Motherboard Question

  1. Satellite A100-192 Motherboard Question
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    May 2008
    Hi, I need your help to indciate what is the motherboard model number for the below:

    Satellite A100-192
    Part Number : PSAA9E-01Y01QAR
    Serial# 56817119G

    Appreciating your feeback.


  2. Re: Satellite A100-192 Motherboard Question

    It’s a Toshiba motherboard ;)

    But unfortunately, I didn’t find any useful part numbers… but don’t worry buddy… you could call the ASP in your country and could ask for the compatible motherboard.

    You can ask only for the part number or you can order such part directly from the ASP.

    I think this shouldn’t be a problem.


  3. Re: Satellite A100-192 Motherboard Question
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    Feb 2005
    It is not easy to get such info because it is internal stuff and I can imagine the ASP can help you. They have access to Toshiba internal data base.
    May I ask why you need this info? Is the mainboard defective?

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