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Thread: Several issues after installing Windows XP on TE2100

  1. Several issues after installing Windows XP on TE2100
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    May 2008
    I have a TE2100 and then I set up new OS windows xp professional after finished I open window but display not full missing right side about 1 inc(top left butom OK full) I looking on device have yellow question mark "?" at other device "PCI Device".
    How I can do it please tell me. VGA card original about Nvidia Geforce 4 220 (I cant remember)

    I have problem to same some body in forum is member name Stockcar44 you can look it on my link:


    I am sorry about English not good because I am Thailand people

    Thank you for every body

  2. Re: Several issues after installing Windows XP on TE2100
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    Mar 2007
    Man, sorry but thats not acceptable that you ask a question, post an link which contains the answer for your problem and ask what to do.

    I can only tell you what is written in the link you´ve posted: Check the BIOS if "Fullscreen" is enabled and update your Videodrivers.

    That will solve your problem.


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