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Thread: Re: Question about temperature on Portege M400

  1. Question about temperature on Portege M400
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    May 2008
    Recently my laptop has been getting very hot - so have installed speedfan to monitor the temperature.
    Currently it is registering :
    Temp 1 : 75C
    Core1 : 64C
    Core2 : 69C

    This is under low load and just turned on.
    It usually sits arounf 70-80C and all temps have been known to hit 100C.

    I presume this is abnormal - what can I check for faults - is it possible to get to the fans or is it likely to be BIOS or Operating System.

    Thanks for any help,


  2. Re: Question about temperature on Portege M400

    The CPU temperature of 64C – 69C is not unusual. The CPU temp can arise up to 100C if the CPU is stressed and works with full performance.
    Usually this happen if “high-performance” application is running.

    At the other hand the temperature increases to a higher level because the notebook’s cooling modules don’t run with full performance due to the dust and debris inside the notebook. The dust can affect the notebook’s cooling.

    So what to do… the cleaning of cooling modules could help.
    You could use a compressed air spray for such jobs… the compressed air spray is a professional cleaning tool which can be purchased from a computer/notebook dealer.

    From my own personal experience this helps to get rid of dust and debris and could helps to get a better cooling performance.


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