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Thread: Portege M400 - flickering display

  1. Portege M400 - flickering display
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    Apr 2008
    I have an M400 with Vista SP1 installed. Occasionally and seemingly at random the display will become totally corrupted, flickering madly. This has been a 'feature' since before SP1. We have this on more than one individual PC so we're guessing software rather than hardware.

    Usually 'sleeping' the PC and waking it back up cures this but it's incredibly frustrating. Has anyone come across this or better still cured it. We think we have latest graphics card drivers but would be willing to try newer ones if known.


  2. Re: Portege M400 - flickering display
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    Sep 2005

    If this issue appears on different computers then itís definitely a software issue!

    Do you have an Intel graphic card? If yes, then remove the installed Intel driver and choose the one from the Toshiba European driver page!

    If it doesnít help then it could be worth to try a graphic driver from the Intel page!

    By the way; The Vista SP1 is not supported fully by all drivers. Therefore itís possible that a SP1 affects the graphic driver and the performance.


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