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Thread: RAM upgrade at Satellite Pro A100

  1. RAM upgrade at Satellite Pro A100
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    Apr 2008

    I have recently tried to upgrade the existing 512 MB in my laptop with an additional 1n GB sourced from the internet.
    Both chips work individually but when I try to boot on both installed the screen goes blank on boot but pc is running and making all the right sounds.
    Any help would be great.

    Satellitte Pro A100


  2. Re: RAM upgrade at Satellite Pro A100
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    Jan 2006
    That sound really strange dudeÖ fact is that if a memory module would be not compatible or not supported then the notebook would not boot up.

    But listen buddy; nothing is impossible. Maybe the both modules cannot run together and therefore this issue happens ?:|

    Generally itís advisable and recommended using both, identical memory modules.
    In such case you can be 100% sure that both RAMís would run together trouble free!

    Check this !

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