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Thread: Satellite A100-718 Upgrade

  1. Satellite A100-718 Upgrade
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    Apr 2008
    Hi @ all,
    I want to upgrade my notebook with a new CPU and a new GPU.
    In my notebook is a current a Intel T2050 CPU and GPU is an ATI X1400.
    My Question is, can I build a bigger CPU and GPU in this book?

    Greetz Yaku79

  2. Re: Satellite A100-718 Upgrade
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    Mar 2007

    since these components are "hard-wired" (which means they are soldered on the mainboard which makes it impossible to exchange them) in your system, you cannot upgrade it. The only way to gain some more performance is to stick some more RAM in it or to purchase a bigger and faster harddrive.

    I would suggest you to check some hardwarestores (google is your friend) and check at least for one of the previously mentioned components (RAM, harddisk).


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