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Thread: Portege 4000 bios upgrade

  1. Portege 4000 bios upgrade
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    Mar 2008
    i do not have a floppy drive on my machine, only usb ports and a sd card slot. How can i upgrade the bios?


  2. Re: Portege 4000 bios upgrade
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    Aug 2007
    The easiest way is to create a dos boot cd-rom. There are several descriptions on the web. Google for it.
    Add the extracted Toshiba bios files biofc67t.com, ec29nobb.bin, chgbiosa.exe and chgfirma.exe to the CD-rom.

    At first boot from the cd and run 'chgfirma ec29nobb.bin'.
    Now the ECKBC-Firmware is written (don't power off during flash!!!)
    Than boot again from cd and run 'chgbiosa biofc67t.com'.
    This flashes the Bios.
    Both flash are necessary!

    Here is how to extract the Toshiba bios file.
    At first you have to extract the R211VOL2.exe file. Easiest way to do so is to use 'universal extractor' -- google for it.
    After this you will get the file R211VOL2.IMA. This is a floppy image file.
    You can extract the single files in the archiv using winimage (trial version should work).

    Good luck!

  3. Re: Portege 4000 bios upgrade
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    Mar 2008

    Followed your instructions . It worked first time. Many thanks.

    I found out that you can write to a boot cd in Nero just by selecting what type of cd you want to make.


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