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Thread: Satellite M205-S4804 Recovery Disk and Drivers Disk?

  1. Satellite M205-S4804 Recovery Disk and Drivers Disk?
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    Mar 2008

    I live in Brazil and won a satellite M205-S4804. But i received it without any CD or DVD. No software drivers, no recovery CD or DVD.

    I have both portuguese version of Windows: Vista and XP. And need to install them on my M205, but i do not found all drivers.

    I tried to download the drivers in the @skIris and some components not installed fine, like a Wi-Fi card (I do not know what model is the device).

    I think if i recovery the original status of my english Windows Vista (Home) and upgrade to my portuguese version(Ultimate), I will not need to reinstall the drivers...

    There are a site to download the drivers and the recovery CD/DVD for my laptop?


    Wemerson Guimaraes

  2. Re: Satellite M205-S4804 Recovery Disk and Drivers Disk?
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    Sep 2005
    This notebook seems to be designed for the US market and therefore you should look on the Toshiba US site for some drivers…

    The M205 seems to be a new series on the market and possibly not all drivers were released at this time. SO maybe you will have to wait a little bit…

    Sorry but this is everything what I can suggest…

  3. Re: Satellite M205-S4804 Recovery Disk and Drivers Disk?
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    Every notebook with WLAN card has a sticker at the bottom side. There you can find a part number (Pxxxxx). Put the number in the Google and you will find out which WLAN card is inside.
    In the past several people have had the same problem as you and were not able to find right support page.

    To be honest the hardware is pretty similar and I am pretty sure you can use drivers from US page. Check the notebook specification and try to use chipset driver, display driver and so on from US support page for M205.

    Sorry but I do not have other solution for you. To be honest I really do not understand why you didn’t get recovery DVD.

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