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Thread: CPU Upgrade on Satellite A100-0FH

  1. CPU Upgrade on Satellite A100-0FH
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    Hi All,

    I own an A100-0FH laptop with the T2050 core duo processor @ 533MHz FSB. I plan to upgrade the CPU to a T2700 core duo @ 667MHz FSB. Does anyone have any information that would prove helpful before I go ahead and complete the upgrade? I have already upgraded the bios and the memory is maxed at 4GB - I just want to make sure the thing will work before I do it. HAs anyone done this upgrade in the past? WIll my cooer handle the extra heat?

    Thanks for the input....

  2. Re: CPU Upgrade on Satellite A100-0FH
    This Satellite notebook looks like an Canadian machine….
    Anyway, the CPU upgrade on notebook is very tricky and mostly not possible due to different reasons.
    The higher performance and the higher temperature level could be the biggest trouble…

    The T2700 2.33Ghz CPU is faster as a T2050 1.6MGhz CPU Core Duo and it produce more heat. So possibly the notebook would not run stable after the upgrade.

    Check this Intel page:

    So I would really not recommend upgrading the CPU on the notebook.

    PS; don’t forget that you will lose the warranty if you would remove the covers and would open the notebook…

  3. Re: CPU Upgrade on Satellite A100-0FH
    Dear Lee

    If you have time please use advanced search option on this forum and check some other threads about CPU upgrade. You will find many interesting comments and arguments why you should not do this.

    Have a nice day.

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