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Thread: WXP installation on Tecra M9

  1. WXP installation on Tecra M9
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    Please help. I have Tecra M9 with Vista preinstalled. I want downgrade to XP, but during installation XP cannot recognize SATA hard drive. As far as I know I need to either provide SATA driver on a floppy, or set hard drive to IDE compatibility mode. But the SATA driver is not available on Toshiba site and it is not possible to turn off AHCI for hard drive in BIOS.

    Anybody knows what to do, or has the correct AHCI driver for XP?

  2. Re: WXP installation on Tecra M9
    You will be not able to change the HDD to IDE compatible mode. BIOS doesn’t supports something like this.
    You have to install the SATA drivers… especially the *Intel Matrix Storage Manger*.
    This should be placed on the Toshiba European driver page.

    As you already said you should install the SATA driver using the external floppy drive.
    It’s necessary to include such driver because the XP doesn’t recognize USB memory stick during the setup procedure.

    Good luck

  3. Re: WXP installation on Tecra M9
    Jack is right!
    You have to install firstly the Intel Matrix Storage Manger. This package includes the SATA driver which is needed to recognize the internal SATA HDD!

    To install the SATA driver you have to use the external USB FDD drive or you can create an own XP CD using the nLite software. This software will help you to include the SATA driver into the new XP CD.


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