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Thread: Portege R100: BIOS update - user not authorized

  1. Portege R100: BIOS update - user not authorized
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    Feb 2008
    I'm trying to update the BIOS on my newly bought but secondhand Portege R100.
    I installed the Common Modules driver after it didn't work the first time but now when the BIOS update starts I get an error window pop up saying "user is not authorized to update BIOS". Where do I change that?

    I'm not particularly computer savvy so please be gentle with me.


  2. Re: BIOS - user not authorized
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    Feb 2005
    Hello Jim

    Is there any special reason for you to make BIOS update? Have you made clean OS installation?

  3. Re: Portege R100: BIOS update - user not authorized
    Hi Jim

    Fact is that a BIOS update is always an risky job. A wrong BIOS or wrong BIOS update procedure can damage the ROM module an the Portege will not boot correctly.
    Therefore the BIOS shouldn’t be done if the notebook runs ok.

    However, back to you issue. I presume you cannot update the BIOS due to the user rights. Usually the user should have full admin rights to perform an BIOS update.

    Best regards

  4. Re: Portege R100: BIOS update - user not authorized
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    Feb 2008
    Thanks for the replys.

    I bought the notebook from a dealer who, as I understand it, as a matter of course wipes the machines and reinstalls XP.
    I was told by a colleague that if there is a BIOS update available it should be installed. Am I getting bad advice?
    At the moment my machine has BIOS version 1.10. Is there nothing to be gained from updating it?

    I am logged on as admin so am at a bit of a loss as to why it's stopping me doing anything.

  5. Re: Portege R100: BIOS update - user not authorized
    My advice is; don't update the BIOS if the machine runs correctly!
    The BIOS update will not improve the performance or anything else!!!

  6. Re: Portege R100: BIOS update - user not authorized
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    There is really nothing wrong in performing a bios update to V 1.60

    I own 2 R100's and if I remember well I had a similar problem with the bios update from within Windows XP

    However the update file also contains a file to make a bootable diskette or CD ( iso-file )
    Then follow the 'traditional method' ( booting up with the diskette or CD by holding down "F12" when powering up and choose your Boot-device )

    The bios update will run automatically and without any problems
    Be sure to perform the update with the power-adapter attached

    You will find the update file here :


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