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Thread: Satellite A200 - crackling sound comes from the HDD

  1. Satellite A200 - crackling sound comes from the HDD
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    Feb 2008

    I have Satellite A200. When I start my notebook the crackling sound comes from the hard disc.
    Does anyone know something about this?


  2. Re: Satellite A200 - crackling sound comes from the HDD
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    Aug 2005
    In my opinion itís nothing wrong with your HDD.
    My HDD clicks everytime while accessing any data on the notebook and everything run ok since 3 years.

    But this doesnít mean that there is no hardware problem with your HDD. Generally itís not easy to say when an HDD wound starts to malfunction. My first HDD died after 6 years of usage. But the other HDD died after 1.5 years. This damage was covered by warranty.

    Finally I would recommend backup your data always on an external HDD to prevent the data from damage.


  3. Re: Satellite A200 - crackling sound comes from the HDD

    The fact is that HDD does not work absolutely silent and produce some noises. For people who use notebooks for a long time it is nothing unusual but for people who have the notebook for the first time it can be pretty annoying.

    Here on this forum is not easy to say how serious it this clicking noise. I can just say that you should watch this carefully and see what will happen in the future. As Juan wrote, be careful and be sure your sensible data are saved on some external device.

    Bye and good luck!

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