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Thread: What memory Tecra 8200 uses

  1. What memory Tecra 8200 uses
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    Feb 2008

    How many memory slots there are available? And how much memory can it handle? And what memory it uses?

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  2. Re: What memory Tecra 8200 uses

    I found this page about memory modules for Tecra 8200:

    It looks like the Tecra 8200 would support max. 512MB and you could use the 144-Pin PC133 SODIMM or 144-Pin PC100 SODIMM memory modules!

    Hope I could help a little bit!

  3. Re: What memory Tecra 8200 uses
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    Tecra 8200 has two RAM slots. If you want to use max RAM you can use compatible PC100 256MB (PA3069U-1M25) memory modules.

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