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Thread: Upgrading hard drive in Libretto U100 to SSD Drive

  1. Upgrading hard drive in Libretto U100 to SSD Drive
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    Has anyone undertaken an upgrade of the hard drive in a Libretto U100 to a SSD? This would surely improve performance significantly. What dimension is the hard drive in the U100 and what connector is used to attach the drive? Can anyone advise if this mod is possible?


  2. Re: Upgrading hard drive in Libretto U100 to SSD Drive
    So, I have a machine with an SSD drive (Tecra M5) and it works like a charm. Unfortunately the drives are too expensive at the moment but you can gain some real performance.

    Regarding your question: Should be possible. You have a 1.8" inch drive installed and there are SSD drives which have almost the same form factor. Usually the U100 was shipped with MK6006GAH or MK3006GAL drives.

    Here´s a site which could help you, since the drive has the same connector like the drive in your machine: http://www.dvnation.com/microatapics.html

    Just check it out and I hope you can use my hint for further research on SSD drives.. :)


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